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  Tattoo artist, spray-painting street artists Free Tattoo, free Tattoo Pictures and stilt walkers joined the ranks of Festival of Arts exhibitors Saturday afternoon during "Outside the Lines," a presentation designed to challenge the traditional definition of fine art.

Coupled with the fine faucets, free flash tattoo artflash tattoo art, kitchens and bath showcase, "Outside the Lines" featured mediums usually considered outside the mainstream.

Prominent street artist El Mac spray painted an 8-foot-by-20-foot wall with his mother and collaborator, body art tattoofree tattoo pic Catarina Mac.

Mark Mahoney of Los Angeles tattoo parlor The Shamrock Social Club inked attendees' free flash tattoo artflash tattoo art, backs and explored the history of body art and body art tattoofree tattoo pic

Stilt walkers Dragon Knights combined elements of theater and circus with their mechanical dragons, Free Tattoo, free Tattoo Pictures, surprising and delighting festival-goers.

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